ELASTRON’s Steel Service Centers key activities include the processing and reselling of steel products, steel constructions and cladding systems. The Company imports, processes, produces and resells steel products and insulated composite panels. Its state-of-the-art facilities guarantee that production is always made with reliability, effectiveness and unfailing quality. At the same time, the broad sales network and the Company's partners form a powerful foundation on which its leading status is built.

Experience, technical knowledge and quality assurance are the Company's distinctive features that substantiate its investments and establish its presence in the new markets where it operates. Company ELASTRON Steel Service Centers manages the largest range of steel products in the market. Because of that, the company has the ability to maintain a broad customer base from different sectors of the economy. 

The Company purchases its raw materials from a broad network of suppliers consisting of associates from all over the world, which are further processed into steel products for general and specialized applications. Long-term cooperation with suppliers contributes to the prompt receipt of merchandise and secures the most favorable financial deals. In addition, the Company's mechanical equipment provides the ability to manufacture products according to the customers' desires and needs. 

In this manner, Company ELASTRON Steel Service Centers is the predominant supplier of infrastructure products in pivotal sectors of the Greek and the global economy. Its products are used in industry, constructions, shipbuilding, agricultural and energy sectors.

The Company has an exceptionally wide range of products:

  1. Composite Profile Steel Sheeting SYMDECK (SYMDECK 50, SYMDECK 73, SYMDECK 100, SYMDECK 150)
  2. Cold Form Sections (EL Σ (SIGMA), EL C, EL Z, EL Zplus)
  3. Steel plates, Sheets, Strips, Coils (Hot-Rolled, Cold-Rolled, Galvanized, Pre-Painted)
  4. Corrugated Metal Sheet (ELS 19/760, ELS 19/836)
  5. Trapezoidal Steel Sheet (ELT 35/1100, ELT 39/896, ELT 40/1000, ELT 50/1000)
  7. H-Beams (HEA, HEB, HEM)
  8. Joists IPE and IPN
  9. Channels UPN
  10. Flats
  11. Equal and Unequal Angles
  12. Round
  13. Square
  14. T-sections
  15. Bulb flats
  16. Hollow Sections (Circular, Square, Rectangular)
  17. Hydroponic Metal Gutter (EL HG200)
  18. Thermo-insulating roof and wall Panels
  19. Drywall Metal Profiles

In order to provide a better service for the client’s ever increasing needs, the Company provides contemporary lines for processing steel material.

  • Cut to length Lines
  • Oxyfuel Cutting System
  • Shotblasting and Painting Line
  • Slitting Line
Agios Ioannis Street, Ag. Ioannis, 193 00, Aspropyrgos , Athens, Greece Τ: +30 210 55 15 000 F: +30 210 55 15 015

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