Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

ELASTRON SA Steel Products is the leading processor and reseller of steel products and heat insulating panels in Greece with strong international and long-term domestic partnerships. It is identified with the production and marketing of high-quality steel products, polyurethane panels and metallic drywall profiles, with presence both in the domestic market and abroad. By targeting growth, profitability and sustainability in a highly competitive environment, it commits and implements policies that consist of the following principles:

1. A pioneer in what each time is the core business of the company.

2. Continuous improvement of:

  • the corporate image in the market, the way the products are promoted and the client focus
  • developing products that are required on the market
  • the production methods of the products and the internal processes of the company
  • the participation of employees in the continuous improvement of the company's operation and the production of products and upgrading of the production methods in order to maintain a significant differentiation in competition
  • the energy performance
  • the commitment to eliminate the risks arising from work and the occurrence of illnesses of personnel
  • monitoring the physical status and health of personnel

3. Commitment to:

  • constant improvement of environmental protection
  • compliance with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements that the company has accepted, which are related to its environmental aspects
  • supporting markets for energy-efficient products and services, and planning to improve energy efficiency
  • optimizing internal operating procedures and ensuring optimal production
  • full compliance with current legislative, regulatory and other provisions
  • systematic monitoring of legal and regulatory requirements to meet the needs of stakeholders more safely
  • identifying the framework of objectives set and monitored
  • a continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System
  • elimination of risks and risks
  • zero accidents
  • constant awareness of the personnel on Health and Safety matters
  • consultation of employees (mainly through the inter-department meetings and the work environment improvement as posted on the bulletin board)
  • monitoring issues related to improving the working environment
  • continuous training on safe use of PPE, equipment, safe loading, lifting and handling of goods

4. Coverage with the production of a significant number of products to meet existing market needs.

5. Excellent behavior towards customers and their executives.

6. Good professional and human relationships between all employees and the company’s partners, in order to achieve a pleasant working environment.

7. Commitment to the continuous implementation of all the internal procedures of our company as recorded in the Integrated Management System (Quality, Environmental, Energy, and Health and Safety Management System) according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001.

8. The company's policy is documented, applied, maintained and reviewed as to its suitability and is communicated to all persons working in or on behalf of the company and made available to the public.

Company policies are documented, applied and reviewed for their suitability, communicated to staff and to all interested parties.

The recognized principles of ELASTRON SA are achieved through:

  • the measurement of relevant indicators and the determination and review by Top Management of ever higher quality, human, environment and energy
  • the recruitment of new employees on the basis of predefined criteria
  • motivating the employees of the Company
  • provision of training and systematic dissemination of information to all employees
  • organizing regular meetings of staff within the company with the aim of exchanging information and experiences and securing its know-how.
  • continuous investigation and evaluation of customer satisfaction
  • continuous corrective actions to effectively manage customer complaints, failures, problems and weaknesses of the company that are mainly taken as opportunities for improvement
  • continuous monitoring and implementation of the quality, environmental and energy programs resulting from the risk analysis to eliminate potential problems to minimize the costs incurred by the enterprise since their occurrence and to demonstrate the reliability, and the effective operation of the company
  • production of quality and safe products to meet the market and customers’ needs
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