The manufacturing unit of drywall metal profiles is located in Aspropyrgos, within the industrial plant of ELASTRON, extending in 82 acres out of which 46 are housed, industrial and depository areas.

The manufacturing unit of ELASTRON Drywall Metal Profiles is equipped with the latest in European production lines, which are innovating as they integrate all in machinery technological developments, electronic automation and robotic systems.

The aforementioned technological advantages of ELASTRONS’ new production lines result in producing galvanized drywall metal profiles of the highest quality, along with importing new innovations in the Greek market of drywall profiles.


ELASTRON galvanized drywall metal profiles stand out, due to a number of advantages and specifications that make them fully ergonomic, as also totally qualitative and ideal for all constructions of drywall:

  • excellent quality of profiles’ raw material, because ELASTRON imports, processes and trades the raw material, therefore applies the highest quality of galvanized metal in its production.
  • storage of all drywall profiles in fully housed areas, resulting in them being received by the client in excellent condition, clean and without rainwater erosion.
  • the perforation of perforated profiles is executed on the spot, upon the profiles production line, minimizing the processing procedures of the raw material and producing profiles of premium quality.
  • careful designing, geometrical characteristics and ribs, contributing in the increased mechanics endurance of profiles and the reduced transmission of sound.
  • big circular perforation of stud profiles for the fast and easy passage of electrical cables and plumbing lines, specially modulated for their protection.
  • stud profiles have unequal sides for interconnection, when lengthwise extension is required for taller drywall masonry constructions.
  • stud drywall partition profiles and the ceiling runner profile have imprints, in order to facilitate the perforation process with screws, while placing the boards on the profiles.
  • the plasterboard edge protection profiles, the angle bead and wall angles have imprints to help the craftsman handle them and improve plaster and drywall adhesion and assembly.
  • track partition profiles and ceiling perimeter profiles have holes at certain distances on their base, for the prompt, easy and quick placing of screws by the construction crew.
  • perforated plasterboard edge protection drywall profiles have larger dimensions on their perforated side, compared to similar market profiles, for easier placing and better plaster apply.
Track Drywall Partition Profiles according to EN 14195
  • Track 50/30
  • Track 50/40
  • Track 75/30
  • Track 75/40
  • Track 100/30
  • Track 100/40
  • Track 125/40
  • Track 150/40
Stud Drywall Partition Profiles according to EN 14195
  • Stud 50/37
  • Stud 50/50
  • Stud 75/37
  • Stud 75/50
  • Stud 100/37
  • Stud 100/50
  • Stud 125/50
  • Stud 150/50
Ceiling Drywall Profile according to EN 14195
  • Ceiling Profile 60/27
Ceiling Perimeter Drywall Profiles according to EN 14195
  • Ceiling Perimeter Profile 37/28/18
  • Ceiling Perimeter Profile 30/28/18
  • Ceiling Perimeter Profile 27/28/27
Wall Angle Drywall Profiles according to EN 14195
  • Wall Angle 35/25
  • Wall Angle 30/30
Angle Bead Drywall Profile according to EN 14353
  • Angle Bead 31/31
Angle Bead Drywall Profiles for Plasterboard Edge Protection
according to EN 14353
  • Angle Bead 28/13 for plasterboard 12,5mm
  • Angle Bead 28/10 for plasterboard 9,5mm
  • Angle Bead 28/15,5 for plasterboard 15mm
JB Drywall Profiles for Plasterboard Edge Protection according to EN 14353
  • JB-12,5 28/13/10 for plasterboard 12,5mm
  • JB-9,5 28/10/10 for plasterboard 9,5mm
  • JB-15 28/15,5/10 for plasterboard 15mm
Track Drywall Partition Profiles 0.6mm according to DIN 18182 & EN 14195
  • Track UW 50x40
  • Track UW 75x40
  • Track UW 100x40
  • Track UW 125x40
  • Track UW 150x40
Stud Drywall Partition Profiles 0.6mm according to DIN 18182 & EN 14195
  • Stud CW 50x50
  • Stud CW 75x50
  • Stud CW 100x50
  • Stud CW 125x50
  • Stud CW 150x50
Ceiling Drywall Profile 0.6mm according to DIN 18182 & EN 14195
  • Ceiling Profile CD 60x27
Ceiling Perimeter Drywall Profile 0.6mm according to DIN 18182 & EN 14195
  • Ceiling Perimeter Profile UD 27x28x27


Galvanized steel drywall profiles by ELASTRON are based on high quality standards and therefore are produced according to EN 14195, EN 14353 and DIN 18182 European Standards, from galvanized steel of EN 10143 and EN 10346 standards.

The quality and harmonization with European drywall profiles standards, is constantly reviewed during all production stages by our company’s experienced Technical Department and the Department of Quality Assurance.


The establishment of ELASTRON at the top of steel market, is the result of the unnegotiable quality of its products and services combined, always with social responsibility and taking environment protection into account.

Company management and staff have the assurance of high quality in our products and procedures as a guide in their daily activities, along with respecting their operating environment and for this reason all of ELASTRON operation is governed by certain principles that as a whole constitute the company quality policy.

ELASTRON has obtained EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 certifications for its Quality Management System and Environment Management System, respectively.

Agios Ioannis Street, Ag. Ioannis, 193 00, Aspropyrgos , Athens, Greece Τ: +30 210 55 15 000 F: +30 210 55 15 015

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