October 04, 2011

The 7th National Conference on Steel Structures took place with great success on 29 and 30 of September 2011. The attendance was great as well as the visitors’ interest not only for the scientific presentations, but also for the companies attending the parallel exhibition which took place at the lobby of the Conference Center. The companies ELASTRON and CORUS-KALPINIS-SIMOS were at the booth No 19 presenting the Group’s new products (SYMDECK 50, SYMDECK 100, SYMDECK 150, ECOPANEL FR) by their executives.

During the Conference, ELASTRON Group was presented by one of its executives and also a presentation of the certified products SYMDECK 73 and METALDECK was made by Doctor Konstantinos Tzaros. 

At the end, a competition took place at our booth, where the visitors could participate and win one of the three software programs: a) INSTANT STEEL, b) POWER CONNECT and c) STATIK-6 which were an offer of ELASTRON Group and the companies CCS, CONSTRUSOFT and CUBUS HELLAS. The attendance was great and we thank you all. 

The three winners are:        

  • Mrs. Christina Xera winning the program INSTANT STEEL     
  • Mr. Konstantinos Vazouras winning the program POWER CONNECT
  • Mrs. Iliopoulou Zoi winning the program STATIK-6
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